One of the main obstacles that single parents have to overcome is that often, after a spouse leaves the family home, the financial position dramatically changes. I also feel that, having spoken to many women, it can become the reason to stay in an unhappy relationship. Many women can feel trapped into a life they feel they cannot escape and this is just not the case. 

The way out of this scenario is quite simple; its awareness of what you are entitled to, what help you can receive but more importantly how to get it and how long that help will take to put in place. There are also mechanisms in place so that organisations such as the CSA (Child Support Agency) can be the intermediary between you and your ex-partner. This happened to me at a time when I felt unable to even communicate with him safely or without feeling fear. They talked me through what they could do and I didn’t even have to speak to him to start getting weekly payments that were my entitlement. 

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Don’t get me wrong, its not all sunshine and roses and every case is different. The amount you can receive may also be an issue but this is what the forum is for, to discuss and problem solve by understanding what other people have tried or what worked for them. It is also my hope that this part of the site will be able to provide inspiration and practical support when you move forwards to stand on your own; to hear of other success stories where women have taken back control of their lives to become the providers for their children and themselves, so that history never repeats itself, and becomes just that….HISTORY!